Friday, 24 January 2014

An attempt at real positivity

Last year was extremely bizarre and always will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. I've decided to write a blog to keep people up to date with what has happened/will be happening with me regarding my brain cancer diagnosis and continuing treatment. I wanted to do this for a while as you can see from the date of the first post but I wasn't in a good place mentally. It got worse when my Mum was diagnosed with oesophogeal cancer towards the end of last year. Writing this now and reflecting on what happened is so surreal but it's nice to have an outlet for my emotions. I will occasionally become negative and say stupid things but I want to make a real effort to try my best to be positive.

This week I've had a few crazy moments mentally but I'm doing well with a few things I hope to share soon. Please remember that I'm still coping with side effects of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and I have epilepsy related to brain trauma. My brain can't take too much at once and still needs lots of rest. It would be really good if people understand this when talking to me. Thank you. :)

Below is a nice picture of a brain for you because I'm sure that was boring to read...

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