Thursday, 1 March 2018

Telomere biology and cancer

When I was first diagnosed I asked my oncologist about my prognosis and was told... 'well the good news is that you are still quite young.' He then went on to tell me dates for both the best and worst case scenarios. 

With biological age being so important for survival I asked 'Well then what if I just try and keep my biological age as young as possible?'. He said, 'Interesting point, well you can certainly try.'....

Telomere biology- try to stay young by supplementing with a bioavailable form of magnesium, vital for over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. Most of us are deficient and supplementation can improve sleep, energy levels, reduce seizure activity for those of us with epilepsy and improve mood.


  1. I dont know if you heard of them, but the Sens foundation ( has a good plan against aging. Basically, we know more or less what the main process of aging are (different types of damages). So we have a pretty good idea of what to do against it (find ways to clear those damages). Cancer is one of the "damage" of aging.

    It is an idea that is sadly very underfunded because every adults pretty much made peace with aging and death, but the tide is turning.

    There are other approaches being tested, like increasing telomerase with gene therapy (BioViva), or finding a way to induce yakamana factors to rejuvenate cells in vivo, but for now the SENS strategy is the most sensible.

    A radical approach against aging will need a radical approach against cancer, something which is badly needed today as you can certainly appreciate.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your story, it is very humbling and inspiring.

  2. Do you have experience with black cumin seed, or Buteyko breathing theory/exercises?

    They both can help with seizure I guess.

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