Monday, 28 December 2015

Tick, Tock, Curcumin O'Clock

'Treatments based on the phytochemical curcumin have much potential for use in cancer treatments because of their effects on a wide variety of biological pathways, including those regulating the cell division cycle and circadian clocks. Cancer incidence and progression are influenced by circadian clock cells in multiple organs and tissue types. 

'According to chronotherapeutic studies aimed at optimizing cancer treatments based on the circadian cycle it is known that circadian clocks modify the effectiveness of cancer treatments. Thus, it is important to determine whether curcumin and similar chemotherapeutic treatments being tested against cancer in clinical trials are influenced by the circadian clock. Similarly, it is important to determine whether curcumin alters the timing activity of circadian clock cells. To understand how curcumin treatments and combinatorial therapies using curcumin with standard therapies can be made more effective, we characterized the impact of the circadian clock on the timing of cell death and cell division in curcumin-treated C6 glioma cells.'


  1. Andrew just got through with your resent interview on super human radio.
    Knew about your elegant work for quite some time. I have been keto adapted since May of 2012.Life altering event for me I was classic example of metabolic syndrome not any longer. I feel better than when I was 25 years old (65 yrs old) I have lost 32 lbs os of lately.I had rapid weight loss in the early go 20 Lbs inside 6 mo. Have continued gradually losing now 36 lbs. Now getting concerned (Last several weeks increased protein and have appeared to stop weight loss. Start 87.5 kilo now 71 kilo. Height 178 cm.
    Enough about me I live in small community in west texas (albany Texas) recently had a very young man 40yr old die of brain cancer( glioblastoma multiforme) I knew about your story at the time and couldn't get the courage to confront them.After today's information I won't let that happen again.
    Andrew you must get your information out! I'm going contact other podcasters that would be receptive to story and there are many.Jimmy Moore needs to interview you.
    Thank you for all you have done for the world its just a matter of time with guys like you that have courage to buck the system too change the outcome of many lives.
    Once again thanks.

    1. Thanks Don, great to hear your story. The benefits of these dietary approaches are truly remarkable and far reaching but yes, we need greater awareness and better education. I applaud you on taking control of your health.

      I was be speaking with Jimmy Moore on Tuesday, looking forward to it. We need to do more to help as many people as possible and give hope to people who have been told to just go home and die or have ineffective treatments.

      Thank you for the support, it means a great deal to me. I will share some of the things I've been working on soon. This year should be exciting and progressive.

    2. That meant to say I will be speaking to him!

  2. I've just heard that UK institution, Paul Daniels, has been diagnosed with a terminal Brain tumour. Would this protocol help him ? @Thepauldaniels @thedebbiemagee

    1. Potentially yes, I would like to respect his privacy but have contacted a couple of people who know him and hopefully he or members of his family are able to read the New Scientist article about my story and the clinical trials happening later this year. I was so saddened to hear the news as I grew up with his magic set and enjoyed watching him on TV. I remember the feelings of hopeless and devastation I felt not only for me, but also for my family. Let's hope he reads it as I feel we have a very effective management strategy here if done in a strategic, considered and personalised way.

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