Friday, 25 March 2016

Optogenetics and cancer?

My life is already becoming much more productive and enjoyable since making alterations to my light environment. I feel the benefits going forward as I learn and apply more could play a significant role in optimising this metabolic approach to my situation.

I am undertaking a great deal of study into the potential of optogenetics for a variety of applications and would love to take this further as I progress at university. Ontogenetics has roles to play in glucose regulation, behaviour, and several other hormonal actions as well as having the potential to treat blindness and diseases relating to the eye. I have attached a number of links I find incredibly interesting to the Youtube video and I hope others share my enthusiasm for this approach in clinical settings to treat neurological disease.

If you're too lazy to look for the links here they are!

Optogenetics and its potential for neurological disease management:

optogenetics and glucose metabolism-

optogenetics and disease, mental health-


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