Thursday, 26 May 2016

Sunbathing- Heliotherapy and grounding

To the people laughing at me sunbathing practically naked in the park- my health is worth more than your opinions. 

Vitamin D and light is king, don't waste this precious sunlight. Supplemental vitamin D does not compare, it is not a vitamin, it's a hormone that is synthesised from UV light onto the skin and we need the full spectrum. 

In the UK we don't get much sun so you have to take every opportunity to get it while you can. I occasionally use special sunbeds (during a week of bad weather) that have the right ratio of UVA and UVB for my skin- it's personalised and actually protects against many cancers, contrary to popular belief. If you use a standard sunbed this is not the same and can be very harmful, especially if used frequently. I only go once a week and only when the weather is terrible. 

I also now never wear sunglasses as I understand UV light going into the retina is very important for not just eye health but overall health. I won't look directly at the sun, but make efforts to look in the direction of it. You can actually become more photosensitive if you wear sunglasses and may end up like Bono. This is why I will never wear sunglasses, and only blue blockers in artificial light at appropriate times. 

My first choice will always be to lie in the sun, on the ground and with my skin in contact with the ground. In future I'm looking to move to somewhere with more sun, less population, and less nnEMF, preferably none or next to nothing! Studies on constantly being exposed to EMF are inconclusive but it's something that is very difficult to prove either way. It makes sense to me to have breaks from it though because it clearly has some effect on the brain and epilepsy. It also made me think of this glioblastoma study using electromagnetic radiation, slowing down cell division of tumour cells but what is it doing to the healthy cells? It really makes you think, or at least it makes me think!! I'll stick with the good old sunshine thanks. 

I'm pretty sure humans are the only mammals that create our own artificial environments. Get out in nature as much as you can and expose as much of yourself to UV light as possible. Heliotherapy is huge, it's healing by light and it's nothing new. Artificial light damages health and messes up our natural circadian rhythms. If you think healing is all about food you are fooling yourself. Chronobiology, optogenetics, and heliotherapy is how we heal. Food is just one part of this, and is dictated by Chronotherapy. 

This is a pretty nice resource I like to use for information about chronobiology:

'Grounding' or 'earthing' and the science behind it...

'Mounting evidence suggests that the Earth’s negative potential can create a stable internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of all body systems. Moreover, oscillations of the intensity of the Earth’s potential may be important for setting the biological clocks regulating diurnal body rhythms, such as cortisol secretion.'

I would say eat plenty of oily fish and get sun, fish oil supplements are probably oxidised anyway due to the process it takes to make them so best to eat the fish themselves. Generally the quality fish oils can't hurt (could be wrong), but if they smell fishy or are stored incorrectly they probably can. This is often why the companies that produce them add flavourings to disguise the rancid, fishy taste, especially with the cheaper brands. 


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  2. Hi
    Just started reading this as I follow the ketogenic diet and it was shared on a facebook page.
    Thought I would let you know I get fish oils from Phil Richards Performance online as they are not rancid. I did quite a bit of research on it.
    Anyway he is also pro keto.

    PS this isn't one of those spam plug weirdo type things I'm just sharing x

  3. Hi Andrew!! You're an amazing trail blazer in the quest for lasting health and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story with Esmee over at Eat Meat. Drink Water ;) I had cancer two years ago that exacerbated my Lyme which in turn attacked my thyroid... so it's a slow comeback but I hope to start my own practice soon for low-income and those on Medicaid (government mandated healthcare). I realized that Paleo, low-carb mock foods and even strict Autoimmune Paleo kept me enslaved to the sugar demon and with so many diseases and obesity, I knew I needed something more radical. And then I read and researched Zero Carb and noticed the key differences were that unhealthy processed and/or cured animal proteins, plant fats and regular dairy were common as was alternative sweeteners including berries, honey, macadamias and olives. My plan was similar to yours except that I hope to include raw fermented goat milk products (homemade), to my meals likely just breakfast and dinner. My site will be launched mid-spring. As a mold/Mycotoxins illness survivor, I'm also developing a retreat center in beautiful Sisters, Oregon. Please send me your email so I can notify you of all upcoming events and retreats!
    Love & Strength,

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  5. Andrew,

    Have you considered using a sauna during fasting or just in genera for detox or heat stress to cancer cells? I have tried to research it and it is either quackery by modern medicine and the savior to alternative medicine. So I don't feel like I can get a good read on it. Thoughts?

  6. Hi Andrew,
    about efforting to gaze into the sun:
    I tried on my pinhole glasses today on my morning walk, wanting to experiment. I don't know if this is dangerous or not, so I took just a couple of brief looks into the sun. With the glasses, I can look directly into the sun with ease. I swirled my face around so the eyes were hit with the light in many spots, to (I hope) avoid damage from burning one spot for too long. Without the glasses (I tested) I couldn't look directly into the sun, it was too strong. Pinhole glasses don't alter the light, they block out part of the view and help the eyes to relax.

    It didn't feel painful or like an effort, and I am aware I don't know about the actual effect, other than what I feel and notice. If you want to try it out and you have some more scientific approach, I'd like to hear your thoughts and what you find.

    Another thing that I noticed with the pinhole glasses on my walk this morning, was that my hearing became stronger, as I couldn't see everything as sharply as without the glasses, as they do their job of blocking out a small part of the overall view. I found myself turning my head to scan the ground and the surroundings for bird chips and sounds that were similar to gravel moving on the ground, and noticing I couldn't see where the birds would be, I couldn't see any vehicle that would move any gravel. I was surpriced how my hearing seemed to be sharper instantly, and it's possible that it wasn't, that just less vision made my brain aware of sound like that, when it couldn't match the two inputs.

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  8. I think people is materially and intellectually much enslaved. They don’t get to such an easy point. We must to be natural. Living in contact with the alive elements. I see you as I myself fully convinced about the Jack Kruse's theories. I have noticed such a huge improvements in terms of energy and health that it is amazing and sad at the same time. Why we all do unnatural things?. Gazing the sun is such a relaxing activity, better than any yoga course made in groups under artificial lights, at evening and in a closed place full of PBA materials. Yesterday Zuckerberg who has a 15bn worth brain said that “you have to be pacient” if you want to cure all the illnesses. I rather would say, you have to prevent to eat rubbish such a sugar and cereals, and vegetables oils, and live in nature. Ok. That’s contrary to his businesses. Yeah, all is businesses when you do not love nature.