Sunday, 7 August 2016

Mornings are fun.

Despite exercise being a seizure trigger I enjoy my morning walks. Its at a pace which doesn't overstimulate my brain and I find it very calming. Walking allows me to reflect and to enjoy natural beauty. We have so many beautiful green spaces in this country and its a beautiful, sunny day today. The shorts will be on later and I'll do some sunbathing to top up the vitamin D. :)


  1. Hi Andrew I wonder if you have looked into taurine (the humble amino acid) to support seizure prevention. I used it with a number of patients and according to feedback this has worked well.
    I came across your blog after coming across your name in the feedback section of an article in the Daily Mail on a patient using a keto diet to support himself in his fight against glioblastoma. The comment states that you're now "working on a treatment protocol with a couple of London's top neurologist who specialise in glioblastoma". As my work is focused on cancer (alongside autoimmune) I'd be interested in hearing updates on this. Also happy to contribute my humble experience in the field of anti-inflammatory ketogenic diets. My website is All the best, Anya

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