Monday, 15 December 2014

Cold and flu

I still have a cold (boooo!) but I'm feeling alright now so it's just a mild, snotty irritant that I can cope with. No swimming today but I'm feeling pretty good relatively speaking! :-) 

I have started to drink homemade chicken broth which is great for the immune system and it's something I would like to continue even when I get better. 

I first considered doing this after reading an article by Ben Greenfield. I knew this before but I can be quite lazy. Some good reading here, Ben is a clever guy and is very well qualified to write about this.   

As I say I can be lazy so I followed these instructions for home made broth or stock or whatever you like to call it! 

This is also pretty good, ketogenicdietresource is very useful. 


  1. I make bone broth in a crock pot. I have a batch cooking at all times. I consider bone broth to be one of the most important and healing foods for people with any illness. It is even more vital for those of use on a Ketogenic diet because it provides electrolytes and minerals which are difficult to get when plant foods are removed from the diet. I personally do not eat any plant foods at all because I feel so much better without them. Bone broth feels so deeply nourishing. Steffanson, the anthropologist who lived with the Native Eskimos, was told that bone broth was essential for maintaining good health on an all-animal food diet. I strong encourage you to make and drink this special food as often as you can.

    1. Thanks, I'm having it a lot more now. You definitely know your stuff! :-)