Wednesday, 3 December 2014

5 crucial facts to be aware of if you're on AEDs

1. 'Anticonvulsants can interfere with calcium and vitamin D metabolism. They cause an increased rate of bone turnover, thus affecting bone density. It is recommended that anybody who is taking anticonvulsant medication should also be taking additional vitamin D.'

'Many doctors, however, are not aware of the association between anticonvulsant medication and bone disease and less than 10 percent of neurologist recommend taking calcium and vitamin D to protect against side effects of these drugs.'

From countless studies including:


2. Switching from branded meds to unbranded does make a difference and can result in breakthrough seizures. The government has recently made branded medications less available to cut costs.

3. Simply asking your GP for a FREE vitamin D test can definitely help you to control your seizures better. 

4.  Hyperglycemia lowers seizure threshold.

5. Brain tumour related epilepsy needs special considerations that I don't believe are currently being met. 

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