Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

Usually I find that 'recovery' from my cancer treatment about a year ago does not follow a nice linear path to progressive health but recent times have been much better than expected. I have felt this way before and then suffered big setbacks with fatigue, migraines, and increased seizure activity but all that is under control now.

I know that this is a combination of luck, the ketogenic diet, and avoiding personal known migraine and seizure triggers. At the moment I am doing much better than I had ever hoped. I say at the moment because like I say it can all be taken away very quickly so I have to remain cautiously optimistic. With time I have learned what foods I tolerate best.

Yesterday I went to the gym and had a little swim, something I couldn't do just a few months ago. This was a huge deal, I don't push myself and I have to be very careful with exercise selection because I am one of those individuals who can trigger seizures with exercise if not controlled. I am looking to add a supplement called 'ketoforce' to my diet before I go to the gym soon so it is easier to remain in nutritional ketosis and hopefully it will also help my exercise.

Initially when I started the ketogenic diet I suffered with debilitating fatigue, migraines, increased seizure activity, and what is often called 'keto flu'. This is typically caused by loss of electrolytes, resulting in feeling sluggish with little energy. After introducing more potassium into my diet and regularly taking micronutrient supplements this improved drakatically. I think this can be a common problem because we are typically so used to having a lot of potassium in our diets from foods like potatoes which you can't have on a ketogenic diet. We love potatoes in this country! Here is more info about 'keto flu' and how to prevent it. This is the biggest problem people have when initiating a ketogenic diet for the first time so I believe it is crucial to know about it.

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