Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Getting back to exercise

I have started doing a bit more in the gym which is very cool. I suffered a tremendous amount of fatigue for over a year after my radiotherapy and this has improved significantly recently. I honestly thought it never would and felt very down about it. I work very hard to learn about when to rest and how to control what fatigue I have now. Sustained concentration is still very difficult. There are many exercises I still can't do that put pressure on my head so I think it's a great idea for anyone with an acquired brain injury to build this up very slowly by doing water based exercises using water dumbells. I use the ones pictured below and I have help from a friend who instructs aqua so that I can work at the right intensity. 

I have epilepsy and migraines that can be triggered by exercises so I need to be very careful with what I do. All of my exercises and rest periods are carefully considered and so is my food. I can't do cardio on land and I need to be very careful with my body temperature. The brain is very sensitive to changes in temperature, personally when my body temp goes up I get very dizzy. I swam properly for the first time yesterday which is a huge thing. 

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